pushing tv cart
at video edting station
Jim on a big screen in a theatre
Jim's grandmother with tv on in background
another view of pushing a tv cart
girl watching Jim on tv
middle aged guy looking directly towards you
old tv with jim on the screen
three college kids looking to the right
wall mounted plasma screen displaying a guy behind a computer
three young people eating and looking straight ahead
messy room with a big old tv with Jim's face on it

What's on TV? Jim is on TV.

Using TV as the only representation of media exposure in these pictures may seem silly, but I made them before the era of Youtube stars and the social media explosion. In fact, I think Zuckerberg was in high school then. I was perplexed by the existence of television programs like Survivor and Big Brother, and I was amused at the farcical nature of the contestants' celebrity. Little did I know that the flood gates were only beginning to open. Now we have television shows about everything and anything. There are even shows that exist solely to talk about other shows. On top of that, celebrities and non-celebrities are sharing all the details of their lives with us constantly. Even non-human enities like businesses consider maintaining an online presence crucial to compete in today's market, so now everyone and everything is becoming a "show." It is overwhelming. My goal was to express how ridiculous I thought reality TV was. I still think it is ridiculous.

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