photocopy of a hairy wolf face labeled Jim
Dave Olsen looking at his Who the Fuck is Jim Turbert t-shirt
Big Jim thermos on table
TJ Max gift card - I heart TJ
photograph of Jim with a thumbtack jammed in his face
Jim in army fatigues pointing a blue rifle at you
targets shaped like people
sign says beware of rattlesnakes
worn down likeness of Jim Turbert from an old ID card
worn down likeness of Jim from an old ID card
a woman cutting a cake that looks like Jim Turbert
melted film with a man's face
mini-dv tape with a barcode and Turbert, James printed on it
a bathroom door with a sticker that indicates that Jim is not well liked


I make lots of photographs, but sometimes they aren’t part of a project, or the project never quite makes it off the ground, or it gets retired. Even retired projects have some gold nuggets in them. These are related images, one offs, and new jams.

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