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Welcome to the Jim Turbert Fanclub.

Have you ever read an interview with -fill in current media celebrity here-? Have you ever wondered, “How do I know who this person is?” I’m guessing that you have. We at the Jim Turbert Fanclub are not here to judge you. We understand that, whether intentional or accidental, most of us are sucked into the void of meaningless voyeuristic hedonism occasionally. It’s like a giant black hole that slowly moves toward you until you realize you got too close, and then it’s impossible to pull back. It felt like the blink of an eye, but it was actually 30 minutes, maybe longer, and you watched an entire episode of Pawn Stars, or you clicked on a hundred links that promised to tell you something that “you won’t believe!!!”

Believe it. It happened, so why not spend some of that time with Jim?

Despite the fact that some examples of reality tv and celebrity culture could be considered interesting or culturally important, a large percentage has proven to be exactly the opposite. Okay, it hasn’t been “proven,” but if you log in to Facebook you will understand. We suggest that the tremendous popularity of social media has confirmed that everyone thinks they are interesting while simultaneously confirming that nobody is actually interesting. Jim has been aware of this for quite some time, and while he admits to being completely uninteresting, he believes himself to be uninteresting in the best way possible. Much thought and intention went into the creation of each image on this website, and like a robot who realizes he is alive, Jim Turbert is completely (or mostly, or sort of) self-aware. Please don’t call it narcissism. That’s something else.

You may be asking yourself why you should care about Jim Turbert and his self-portraits. I don’t know why, but you should check them out. Send any gripes, complaints, or praise via email. Click the little mail icon below. Please be civil.

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